Ulaanbaatar city tour

UB city tour – Gandan Monastery – Zaisan Hill Monument – Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace Museum – National(or Natural) History Museum – Government Building – Sukhbaatar’s Square – Sightseeing and shopping (65 km, 1 day, + to pay extra for tour guide)

If you want to visit Gandan Monastery, Zaisan Hill, Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum, National History Museum (or Natural History Museum), Sukhbaatar square, Central Post Office, Gobi Cashmere Factory Shop (or State Department Store) in one day and you start your city tour at 8:00 in morning:

– Distances between these places are at least 5-15 km
– Too much walking and loosing time for lining up crowded public buses
– Pedestrians cannot see UB’s all important places in one day
– We have all your museum tickets for the price of a group of 10-20 people

Gas, driver, museum or sightseeing prices are included in the price

All prices are in U.S Dollars:

1 person – 183 $
2 people – 102 $
3 people – 76 $
4 people – 62 $

We have 40 different and cheapest tours to choose from our catalog at Temuujin Guest House and Hostel. Our tours are 20-30% cheaper than at any other Guest Houses or Hostels because we have our own vans, jeeps and ger camps in some provinces. Have a nice trip in Mongolia!

Ulaanbaatar city tour by Temuujin Guesthouse and Hostel

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